Uh! I have been tagged / awarded (how does one say this correctly?) by the lovely Julie on her englisch blog becoming a family for the Liebster-Award! I am really flattered 😀 I always love to read both of her blogs, one is in german, one in english. So I highly recommend reading them. You can find the links to both her blogs in the “Herzensmenschen” link-category on this page.

So here it is!


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And here are Julies questions:


1. What is your most favourite memory?

Lying in a bed in my early twenties with someone in a room in the attic of a house, surrounded by books and notes, talking, laughing, creating a new world and reinventing ourselves, believing that everything is possible.

If you could choose any historic period where and when would you like to live?

I guess I would really like to live in the regency period. I love the clothes, I love the art and the manners. At least, I guess since I am kind of obsessed with this time period I could adapt best and fit in more easily than in any other period. But I must confess that I’d prefere living the life of a noble or at least rich person at that time to living as a maid or worse 😉 On the other hand, there are so many downsides when you go back in history (nearly no women’s rights, bad health care, dubios sanitary facilities etc.) that I’d always prefer living the life I am living right now to going back in history. But a two week visit would be nice! 😉

Ebook or paper book?

Paper book! I still tend to buy the books I would really like to read as a printed edition. I love old books and old libraries, I love coming to somebody else’s house and be welcomed by stuffed bookshelves. That would be gone if there are only ebooks around and I would miss this desperately.I would miss flipping through a book very easily, smelling the paper, in case of antiquarian books, trying to imagine who else held this book and what they thought of it. I think that every printed book kind of has a soul which one can touch and feel. I think I inhereted this mindset from my grandfather whose most beloved books now have found a new home in my bookshelves. On the other hand I appreciate the possibilities that ebooks offer, especially since my fiancée, who is nearly blind, was able to read books again.

What electronic device would you really miss if you had to discard them all?

It hink my computer with the internet…or mobile phone with the internet…well, kind of anything that connects me to the internet and the world whych lieth beyond *g* No, seriously, I cannot imagine a life without the internet. There is a lot of annoying and evil stuff going on there but on the other hand there are so many possibilities to connect with people, find information…to just be the person you truly are without being ashamed and by learning one or more things each day. The internet for me is a café with a lot of books and my favourite persons in it. I can go there whenever I want to just flipp through the books, talk to the great persons or just hang out and play a game with my friends. Of course there are the dark corners as well and the persons which I’d prefer not to meet but in the end I am free to choose where I sit and what I do and I just love it.

Do you have a soulmate? Tell us something about him/her.

I think I do though a long time has passed since we talked about it. I am not sure if she feels the same way. But in the end, that doesn’t matter, as long I do feel like it, doesn’t it? 🙂 I think I can say that she is the person who is spiritually closest to me. It is really hard to describe it. It has been easier a long time ago to describe it but at the moment I am missing the right words. Together we have awoken to another world, began to discover our true selves and supported each other while doing so. There has been a long time where we haven’t spoken to each other, I really can’t say anymore why it has gotten to this, but then, after months and months of lack of communication I decided to write a long letter, expressing everything I really wanted to say to her but before I could sit down and start writing I found a letter from her in the postbox where she did the same. She is the person I feel near to by just thinking about her and I am so unbelievably happy for her, that she is blessed with living or rather starting to live the life she always dreamed about. I have many very close friends which I love dearly but, well, I feel like not only my heart but my soul as well is connected with her.

Is there something that you really want to do before you die?


Do you believe in some kind of afterlife, be it rebirth, heaven/hell or nirwana?

I do believe in rebirth. I believe that our souls wander somewhere until the time has come to be reborn. Since I don’t believe in heaven or hell, I believe it is kind of a parallel world. Another layer like reality. This “spirit world” and reality coexist. In my imagination it is like a magical forest with high hedges and buildings. Those buildings differ in their appearance from small slightly decayed cottages to grand castles which look like they might have just been built to modern appartments. The souls sometimes look like a creature or human beeing, sometimes they are just glowing lights of different colours. It depends on their nature and age. Most of the souls stay in the part where they came to when the body which has hosted them dies, divided from the other parts of this “spirit world” by these high hedges, thickets, walls and so on. But some of them are crossing the borders and wander. These are the souls which aren’t reborn in “order” as the others most of the time are but are reborn as something completely different or for a long time not at all. I believe that those persons, that carry such a soul, are that which you call “an old soul”. In their presence you just feel that their soul is somehow different, their eyes and hands tell a story which exceeds the person’s lifetime, they have seen and haved touched more than a single human being possibly could.



What could you not live without?

My partner, my loved ones and my best friends. What else is there to say?

If your life had a soundtrack, which one would it be?

This is a really hard question. I don’t know! It would be like a mix tape with classical music, classic rock, metal, something like Enya, other soundtrack stuff, music from the 20ies, modern interpretations of old swing songs….well, nearly everything I think 😉 There is too much! *throws hands in the air*

If you could choose any kind of life what would it be like?

In fact I would really like to live the same life I am living at the moment just with more money. I don’t mean millions of Euros but just enough to live comfortably without having to work for it so that I don’t have to spend my days sitting in an office but could go out there, meet people, do what I want, just sit in the sun or the rain or the forest, listen to music, write, be creative or sleep. Just live. Right now I feel caged and I hate it.


And here are my 10 questions. I am writing them in german since it’s easier for those Bloggers which write in german. The other one: please feel free to answer in english *g*

1. Bist Du ein Stadt- oder Landmensch?
2. In 10 Jahren bist Du…?
3. Ein kühler regnerischer Abend. Was tust du?
4. Was ist Dein liebstes Buch?
5. Wo fühlst Du Dich am meisten wie Du selbst?
6. Was soll auf Deinem Grabstein stehen?
7. Erde, Feuer, Wasser oder Luft?
8. Was schätzt Du an Dir am meisten?
9. Was ist Deine frühste Erinnerung?
10. Wenn Du einen Tag Urlaub von Dir selbst nehmen könntest, wer oder was wärest Du dann gerne?


Since I don’t know that many bloggers I am just tagging three persons. I hope they like it 🙂

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