GolliPril 2021!

Hey everyone and welcome to GolliPril 2021 ! 

This year’s GolliPril is going to be a little different than last year’s or rather more than 2020.

There is one small task every day, the same as last year, with something extra that could be done in about 15-30 minutes each day. Since after one year of the pandemic, I know many people struggle with staying on top of things mentally, it will change between one household-task and one self-love-task every other day. I know that it helps me to feel better mentally when I get stuff done around the apartment but also need some of that sweet self-loving so I want to take you along on this month’s journey.

But there will be more!

Since I have struggled mentally a lot during winter I know how hard it is to stay on top of all the daily things. Especially, when you’re suffering from depression or anything like it, it can be hard to even get up and shower. But since I had my little system established, even on the days where I felt like crap, I did not struggle with coping with those everyday things like cleaning the dishes, make the laundry etc.pp. . The idea behind it is to break up all the daily stuff one has to do as an adult into small tasks that are easily achievable. And to achieve them helps you to feel better about yourself even on those dark and shitty days. Or even if you’re feeling awesome, having a system in place helps you to have more time for the stuff you really like and not bother too much with those boring adult things.

My system is very easy! After I’ve realized, that I am an adult and nobody is allowed to tell me how I should clean my apartment or when it was easy to find my own way of doing things. Yeah, perhaps you laugh, but it was actually a years-long process until I finally realized that it’s ok to not do all the household stuff on one day in the week but break it up into small tasks and that it’s ok to not have a picture-perfect apartment but one that just needs to fit my personal needs of cleanliness. I don’t even mob all the floors every week! So, who’s going to say anything about that? 😀

This is why I am showing you my personal system this month. You are free to adapt it or change it to your own needs. Or, of course, just ignore it. 😉

My system:

I broke up all the things you need to do daily and all the things that you might need to do weekly into tasks and rearranged them in a way that is easily achievable for me. And even if I don’t do one of the things this week it’s ok, since I will be back at it next week and then just do it. I do not need to worry or scold myself for being a pathetic adult. You did not clean your bathroom this week? Whatever! It’s going to be dirty next week still and will wait for you to get to it. 😉

The daily tasks I broke up into tasks I do during the day. It’s important to do them so long that they become a habit and you stop really thinking about it. With those tiny things I (and my husband!) do, you basically have a tidy living space before you go to bed. I am always saying that since I had done KonMari, rearranged where everything is living in my apartment, and do all my tiny tasks, I do not need to tidy my living space anymore. And this is why!


Additionally, I have broken up all the weekly tasks of other household/adult stuff into portions I can do each day. And this is how it works: Everything is split up so I can do each little thing one day of the week. As said, if I don’t get to it this week because I feel like crap or anything happens, I don’t need to punish myself for it and just do it another day additionally it it works out or just get to it next week. If you are not living alone, you can divide the tasks with your partner or older children for example. Whatever works for you!
As you can see I only go shopping for everyday stuff once a week at the moment and plan my meals for one week accordingly. For us, this works very well, but I know that many people don’t like meal-planning and rather go shopping more often. As said: Work with it however you want to and what fits for you! You are the adult in your house and you can decide whatever works for you! And don’t think bad about yourself! Since I have been more open with struggling with daily household stuff etc. I talked to a looot of people and EVERYONE is struggling. It’s not that you are a bad person or a failing adult if you are! It’s perfectly ok! <3

What I did not mention on this chart is the trash! This is my husband’s “domain” and he empties the trash in the kitchen every other day and every other time from that the whole trash in the apartment. So our kitchen trash is emptied every two days and the rest of the trash every four and it works out perfectly for us.
I will make additional GolliPril-Twitter-Posts every day for those weekly tasks and explain more.

So this is it for the moment and I am looking forward to this GolliPril with you all! 🙂